Ten things I love about destination wedding photography ... / by Camera & Kit


Have Camera, Will Travel …

1) I get to travel, the ability to be able to combine my passions of travel with my love of photography is a gift and an incredible privilege. I'm also one of these people who love the whole process of travelling. I love packing, going to the airport, preparing my kit, collecting stamps in my passport, changing money. I'm insanely happy when I fly.

2) It's super amazing to be able to combine a holiday and work by tapping one an extra day or two for myself at the end of the event. I've discovered some fabulous cities through being invited by couples wanting me to photograph their weddings abroad. My first wedding abroad was in Lake Como, I stayed in Bellagio and I remember getting the ferry across the lake to start shooting like it was yesterday. A beautiful and stunning way to start a wedding day. An epic adventure of sorts.

3) It teaches who how to be super organised as a wedding photographer and implement risk management, and plan for any and all eventualities. I mean, you learn to plan for everything.

4) The wonderment of shooting in a different light that has different textures. Lighting in different countries has a different feel to it. The sand in the air shooting in the desert is different from the Tuscan sky which is different from the Californian Coast.

5) The excitement of planning shooting abroad. From the moment a deposit is paid, I go instantly into count done mode and start brainstorming creative ideas and researching not only the venue but the area, the culture, the people and places to shoot.

6) The absolute joy to see the smile on the faces of the couple when you meet them in the country where they are about to get married, it’s the moment you can see the trust on their faces and a plan coming together.

7) The count down makes me super excited all the time.

8) Arriving two days before the wedding because it gives you time to do a wedding venue walkthrough, opportunities for spontaneous or planned pre-wedding shoots, same for leaving two days after, gives you extra time for shooting.

9) Pushing myself creatively, it's a challenge and a thrill to produce stunning work in such beautiful locations. I enjoy the pressure of creating and shooting to a creative brief.

10) Food. I'm a sucker for foreign cuisines. Yep, it's one of the underrated perks of being a destination wedding photographer.

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