Tips for photoshoots in Paris by Camera & Kit

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Hello and welcome to Paris, the city of light and love

Bonjour et bienvenue à Paris, la ville de lumière et d'amour

So, you have decided to have a romantic photo-shoot for two or an empowering and confidence boosting shoot for one - what better city to do this in other than Paris, so here are a few tips for you that will make your shoot a little more magical …

  1. Bring a spare pair of walking shoes, comfortable flats are ideal - you'll need them in between shooting as we stroll and meander around the streets of Paris, I will always be able to carry your bits and bobs when needed. If it gets cold bring a jacket if need be.

  2. I suggest wearing block colours if you can and if you are going to be wearing a dress, then something with flowing movement rather than a fitted dress, it makes the photos appear more playful and whimsical. Wear something that suits you, a suit is nice for a man but if that is no you, wear something smart and not casual. Clothes in which you feel comfortable, attractive and more importantly, feel like you.

  3. When visiting Paris, I suggest you buy a carnet of metro tickets, I find them cheaper than getting a travel card, you can buy them in batches of 10.

  4. Walking is the easiest and the best way to get around as Paris is small and you can usually go from one location to another by foot. If the next shooting location is a bit of a stretch I suggest taking the metro. It is a great experience too and usually a good opportunity for candid pictures of you in the undergrounds of Paris.

  5. Pick the time of day carefully, either morning or later afternoon and also the time of year. Mornings are best because of the softness of the light and few people however late afternoon makes for some wonderful photographs as well. If you are hardcore and what the best light them I suggest sunrise or sunset but morning and late afternoon works for those of us who like not to be pressured whilst on holidays.

  6. If it rains, we can walk around it and reschedule if need be.

  7. When it comes to Paris we have an abundance of Locations to pick from, I really want to photograph you in the authentic Paris and I am keen to avoid visual clichés that comes with engagement photography in Paris. I really want this to be playful, relaxed and whimsical. Pretty and Playful. A loving couple. Equals. Partners in crime. Co-conspirators on an adventure through the streets of Paris.

Location Suggestions include:

  1. La filmotheque cinema in the Latin Quarter,

  2. The Luxemburg Gardens

  3. Saint-Germain-des-Prés. Trocadero with the Eiffel Tower view

  4. Champs de Mars, Eiffel Tower

  5. Bir Hakeim bridge

  6. Alexandre III bridge

  7. The Louvre Museum

  8. The Tuileries Garden

  9. The “place de la Concorde”

  10. The Cathedral of Notre Dame area

  11. Petit Palais is the Paris Museum of Fine Arts

  12. Montmartre area / Sacré Coeur

  13. Palais-Royal

  14. The Hôtel de Ville

  15. Rue Bonaparte

  16. Rue des Martyrs

  17. Rue Crémieux

  18. Arc de Triomphe, you should also take pictures from ground level at Place Charles de Gaulle.

  19. Printemps Haussmann is a department store and from the rooftop terrace, you get fantastic views of the city in all directions.